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Club History

The Exonian Magical Society was formed in Exeter, Devon  in January 1936 by Stanley Dickson, an accomplished professional 'Society' magician.

All of the founding members have now long passed over the veil but one in particular became famous as a manufacturer of high quality magical apparatus and set up as a dealer selling superb props for tricks, many of which were his own creation. His name was Jack Hughes and his props are still sought after by many magicians and collectors today. Amongst the founding members was a magician who later became a Priest.

Another notable historic member was the Rev. George Arrowsmith who was to become an Honorary Vice-President of The Magic Circle in London. The influence of the Church was probably the reason that for many years meetings were held on Saturday afternoons, not a good time for children's entertainers!

Max Stirling
First President
1936 - 1941
George Blake
Current President
2001 -

Max Stirling (1870 - 1941) played the variety halls over a long period, including Maskelynes at St. George's Hall, London. He claimed to have originated the egg-on-fan trick. The specially prepared egg required for this effect is still today referred to as 'Sterling's Egg'.

Professional Magician and prominent businessman, George Blake is an active Honiton magician and has been a active member of the EMS since....not quite 1936 but still performing the Egg Fan effect. 

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